Metal Redux
Windows Computers

The original Metal was an arena based deathmatch game developed in BlitzBasic by Josh Klint and published by Idigicon in 2002. I developed Metal Redux in DarkBasic Professional as a vertical slice demo for the publisher, but unfortunately they went out of business.

The demo uses assets from the original game but was developed from scratch with no reference to the original code, and includes several new features such as regenerating health, radars, controller support, and a two player split screen mode. Presentation is also improved with options for anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.

This demo includes one arena and two weapons. One player can battle against three computer controlled bots, or two players can fight it out alongside two AI characters. The score to win can be altered in the options menu and the split screen mode can be played with one or two controllers, as one player can use the keyboard and mouse.