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My name is Pip Nayler and I'm a game developer from the east of England.

My goal is simply to create good games that are fun to play. I'm the sole developer behind Nayler Creations and I specialize in the development of small scale games for Windows and Android.

I begun developing as a hobbyist in the 90's, first with software such as Klik & Play and The Games Factory, before moving on to write my own code with Dark Basic and learning about level design through mapping for Quake.

I love the way in which games allow you to explore a world and experience a story first-hand.

I'm a big fan of gaming as a whole, though my favourite genre to work in is the FPS. And as much as I love getting lost in a rich single player experience, I also enjoy the fun of a good multiplayer game.

I'm always learning and improving, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy my games!

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